Eser Afacan

Giclèe/59,5x69,5cm/1ex/Kr. 6.500,-
Giclèe/59,5×69,5cm/1ex/Kr. 7.500,-
By the water/Giclèe/X/1stk!/59,5x61cm/Kr. 6.000,-
Last look/Giclèe/X/1stk!/59,5x61cm/Kr. 7.500,-

Litografi / Lien/46,5×66,5cm/Kr. 6.500,-

Lightning/giclèe/1 ex/60×69,5cm/Kr. 8.000,-

feather (?)/29,5x30cm/Giclèe m/olje/1 ex!/Kr. 3.600,-
Teather five/29,5x30cm/Giclèe m/olje/1 ex!/Kr. 4.500,-

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